Out of Joint
The literary festival within steirischer herbst

Wer gegen wen? (Who against Whom?)
10.10.–13.10., Literaturhaus Graz

Hamlet says: “The time is out of joint,” and he is right: time is still out of joint. Following an idea by German publicist, author, and moderator Roger Willemsen (1955–2016), this year’s edition of our literary festival, Out of Joint, also takes a look at the present from the future. We are interested in modern society’s fault lines: Where do conflicts come to light, and where do they hide? How do competing groups demarcate themselves from each other? Where is there still room for solidarity? Who rules over whom? What about gender relations? How much anger is appropriate? And what forms of protest? Let’s bring clarity to hazy relationships. Hamlet changes his question. Now it is no longer: To be or not to be? But rather: Who against whom?

With Armen Avanessian, Florian Baranyi, Birgit Birnbacher, Dinçer Güçyeter, Lydia Haider, Max Höfler, Robert Misik, Christl Mth., Das Planetenparty Prinzip, Sabine Scholl, Daniela Strigl, Natascha Strobl, Daniel Wisser, and others

Concept: Klaus Kastberger

Organization: Agnes Altziebler, Elisabeth Loibner

A coproduction of Literaturhaus Graz and steirischer herbst ’23